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I decided to start breeding siamese and oriental cats because of my love for Havanas: it was love at first sight.
YesWeCat Cattery’s first aim is to select cats with a wild look, a good health and a strong immune system.

YesWeCat is a very small cattery, we do not plan more than 1 or 2 litters per year in order to provide the best to our cats and kittens. Each one of my beloved cats lives inside my home, where I can cuddle with them any time, because my cats are first of all, my beloved pets. In line with this philosophy I also decided not to breed with cages. I prefer to use nappies or to reserve some rooms for my males, to separate them from my females. We all live together inside my home.

YesWeCat Cats are regularly tested for the main viral and genetic disease of siamese and oriental cats. We pay particular attention to feline health and to every kind of genetic problems, in order to try to avoid them from our breeding selection. I prefer to guarantee good health, rahter than an extreme look.

YesWeCat Cattery is NOT a cattery which focusses uniquely on ear-set: we are trying to select harmoniously balanced cats with a type that meets our standard. If you are ONLY looking for low ears you are in the wrong place. Our aim is to produce good looking and well balanced kittens with a high standard of socialization.

We leave the competition to achieve the lowest ears and nothing else, to other catteries.

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