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Adult cats 

From time to time we might have adults cats already spayed/neutered looking for a new family.

gatto orientale


A Dream Comes True

She is looking for a new family with one or two other cats to live with.

Beautiful oriental cat


Cana de Espana

She is fine living alone or with one non dominant cat, she is very dominant. She hates dogs.

Siamese bicolor



Penny moved to live in Switzerland with Katia and her cats.

Neuters: Service
Neuters: Service
Our bloodlines

Cats that helped us build our cattery.
Thanks for everything you gave us, happy new life as neutered pets. You deserve this!

Time is running and she is looking less and less like a kitten and more and more like a st

Cana de Espana YesWeCat

OSH n 24 - Female

Orientale bicolor

Tomika Snape

OSH n 03 - Male

Orientale tortie

Monoceros Galila

OSH g 24 - Female


Kiss Me Mer Happy Jungle

OSH c 03 25 - Male


Joy's YesWeCat

SIA a - Female (F1)

Chocolate Oriental Shorthair

Brown Sugar Ori'XSias

OSH b - Male

Siamese cat

Knock3Penny YesWeCat

SIA n 03 - Female

Oriental cat red

Jack the Ripper YesWeCat

OSH e 25 - Male

cat professional photoshoot

Calenacat's Renato

OSH a 25 - Male

Oriental cat

ADreamComesTrue YWC

OSH n 24 - Female

enfant terrible yeswecat lilac oriental

Enfant Terrible YesWeCat

OSH c - Female

Seal Point Siamese

Carmel Petit Paola

SIA n - Female

Oriental shorthair cat

NO*Ennakeem's Roma

OSH n 24 - Female

Gatto siamese orientale

Kiss YesWeCat

OSH n 25 - Male

Sharifa's Jungle Fever black oriental shorthair

Sharifa's Jungle Fever

OSH n - Female


Higashi Hi-Ya

OSH f 03 - Female

Revolution Sultan Chan Havana Oriental Cat

Revolution Sultan Chan

OSH b - Female

BobbinoJr oriental cat

Carbon Copy YesWeCat

OSH n 03 - Male

ewok yeswecat

Ewok YesWeCat

OSH n 24 - Female


Calenacat's Togo

OSH g 24 - Female

F3 Rus4osh

Apriti Cielo YesWeCat

OSH c 25 - Male

Havana Oriental Cat

Kokaine von Lormeril

OSH b - Female

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