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Adoption rules

A few simple rules you need to know before applying for one of our kittens:
- DON'T contact us if you let you cat free outside or if you don't have safe windows/balconies
- DON'T contact us if you want a cat younger then 3.5 months

- DON'T contact us if you want a cat for breeding/not spayed and you are not a breeder that we know and trust, if you want to start breeding find a breeder that lives close to you and can mentor you
- DON'T contact us if you don't plan to visit us at least once, we are not Amazon and we only sell to people we know. You must come and see how you future cat lives and meet us. We must know each other and trust each other, then we can consider giving you a cat or to ship him to you with our friends from PRO4PETS if you live in another country. But if we meed and i don't like you, you won't have the cat. 
- INTRODUCE YOURSELF. If you are just interest in the price and you don't introduce yourself properly (tell me at least your name, where are you from. if you have other cats etc. i won't waste my time and you won't get a reply.
- We are NOT a shop. You can NOT visit our cattery if you don't book a free cattery visit in advance. 

- DON'T contact us if you want to give a cat as a present to someone. A cat is not a great idea as you might think cause maybe those who will receive it is not prepared or not interested in sharing his/her life with an animal in that moment. If you want to offer one of our cats as a present to someone, you will have to bring that someone in our cattery with you, and we must like him/her too and he/she will have to be the one signing our adoption agreement. 

- The owner of our cats must be an adult. I used to love cats too as a child, but you WON'T  empower your son at my cat's expense. Remember that cat, like any other animal, is not a toy and if you have kids they must know how to deal with a cat and to respect it, and you MUST check how your kid handles your pet.


All the kittens will be sold with their vet book where our official vet will report all the vaccination shots done at 8 weeks (the first one) and at 12 weeks (the second one). The vaccine we use at the moment is Tricat from Nobivac that covers FHV, FCV and FPLV.
We do not like other vaccines cause our cats are not allowed to go outside or to have any contact with cats at risk. We deworm our kittens with Drontal and Vetkelfizina and we test their poo before they leave the cattery All the kittens will be identified by microchip, so don't panic if we ask you a copy of your ID to register the cat at your name. We regularly test all our breeding cats for FIV and FELV even if they live only inside and they have no contacts with any other cat. There are some very useful DNA tests for siamese and oriental cats, since we want to breed healthy kittens, we test all our breeding cats also for PRA, MPS VI and GM1. You can see all the tests when you visit the cattery and a copy will be also enclosed to the contract of sale. Obviously before they leave the cattery, all our siamese and oriental kittens get a health certificate from our vet, but we encourage you to bring our kitten to your vet and to show him all the health documents we will provide you. 


Kittens MUST live with their mum and siblings till they are at least 3,5 months old. Socialization is a very important step in the life and growth of a kitten, they must be able to enjoy the teaching of their mum, siblings and of the rest of the cats that take care of our babies. Adopting a younger kitten is not sweet and tender because you are not going to raise it like a member of your family more easily you will just prevent him to have what he deserves. Kittens should stay with their cat family till they are strong enough to handle the house change without too much stress and when it knows how to behave in every situation.A good socialization is what gives you a balanced cat that knows how to play without doing any harm, how to behave with people and other animals, and just staying enough time with their mum and siblings will give it all the lessons it needs. If you look for a younger pet, please look elsewhere.


We sell all our kittens already neutered. We do NOT sell unneutered cats but to friend catteries that share our cattery policy: this world is full of idiots breeding without any knowledge and without considering the health of the breed, we don't want to be responsible of creating one more, not with our babies. Early neutering is a safe practice that is less and less invasive compared to the usual one done around 6 months of age (if your vet told you to neuter your cat after the first litter, change vet!). If you have any doubt about it cause you don't know it, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to share with you all the scientific studies about it, some are already available in the health&test section of our website. Kittens will be neutered when they are 3 months old, a couple of weeks after the second vaccination shot. Our super vet doesn't use any stitch on our baby boys, while the girls only need one or two since the cut is only 0,5cm long. We stay and wait for the surgery to be performed and then when the cat is awake, we take it home with us. When the antibiotic therapy is over the cat is ready to join your family.


In order to help our baby settling down in your home, we will provide a bag with his food, toys and a blanket that he used here with us with his mum and siblings. The starting kit with food will help in case you decide to change his diet to different brands of pet food from what we use at home so the change won't affect him too much, but we want to remino you that  all our choices of food are guided by an intense study of all the products available on the market, by years of experience breeding oriental cats and private test in ordert to provide our cats the most balanced and healthy diet free from mycotoxins and other dangerous stuff that our cats do not need in their bowls. Choosing and healthy pet food for your cat will grant him a long life free from useless health issues, their diet is very important just like it is for us. It' very important to choose the pet food wisely and not make do with the easiest and cheapest choice from the market, you should always get the best for your pet friend. The toys we are giving you are his favorites at home, not all of them are interested in the same toys and we try to please them as much as possible. We strongly suggest you to buy a cat tree/scratching post for you new cat if you don't have one already cause they are trained to use them and they love to sleep on it and see the world from the top of their castle.


Signing a contract of sale is mandatory to adopt a cat (adult or kitten) from us. Our contract is a  warranty for us that you will take care of our oriental cat granting him care and attentions as a member of your family.. With it you sign that you will never not under any circumstances let our cat going outside but he will only live inside of your house and that you will not risk his life allowing him to access windows/balconies/terraces not protected . You agree to always keep in touch with us and send us regularly pics and info on our cat and that, if for any reason you will not be able to take care of our cat, you will return him/her to us so that we can find a new family for him/her.

But our contract is also a warranty for you: we grant you the health of the cat we are giving you, that he is free from any genetic disease and we will provide you with the genetic test of his parents. We agree to refund you if anything happens to him or to give you another kitten for free if you prefer.
We promise with our contract to be always there for you for the rest of his life, day or night, for any doubt or worry or joy, we will always be there for our kittens and their families.


We DO NOT SHIP any kitten anywhere if we don't know you first. Choosing the right family is the most important thing for us and we can NOT sell our cat to someone we don't like and trust, so if you want a cat from our cattery you must either visit our cattery and see how our siamese and oriental cats live, or you must cover the costs of a trip to us to see how you are living and to meet you and your family. We always prefer to have you as our guests so you can see how we breed our cats, the environment where we raise them and to pick them in person cause you are choosing  a life partner and the first impression is always very important. 

You have no idea how many times people came here thinking they would get a kitten and then picked another one  or were picked by another one. 
If you can't meet us in person or if you don't think this is important, we are sure you can find another cattery where to buy you cat from that will have no fear to sell to whoever will ask just for money. Not from us. For us the safety of our kittens always comes first, we are NOT willing to make compromises.


YesWeCat is a cattery registered in ASFE, the Spanish Cat Club member of FIFé, in TICA e in ENFI.
According to the Italian Laws, every breeder HAS to register ALL his kittens with one of the clubs recognized by the Italian Minister of Agriculture (MIPAAF). If someone offers you a cat for sale for a cheaper price withholding the pedigree, this person is cheating you and you should report him, The price a breder pays for each pedigree is ridiculous and each cat must have it's own official pedigree to prove it's a purebreed cat. Beside that it's important to pretend the pedigree of your cat cause cat clubs in this way can monitor their breeders and protect the breeding cats from being abused and mated over and over again.  We DO NOT accept to sell you a cat without its pedigree "cause you don't care" cause we are honored to sell our cats with their identity card proving their genealogy and the work we are doing for our cats and our breed and to prove that we put the health of our cats always first. 


When you buy a cat you buy a good, an object according to the laws. Therefore the sale must follow the rules and must be accompanied by a regular receipt. This receipt is another way to prove that we always follow the rules and the laws and that in case of any problem you will be able to prove your payment.



We actually find it pretty rude to be asked for a discount on the price. Siamese and Oriental cats are pretty cheap if compared to other breeds while requiring the same amount of care and expenses. We are sorry if you think it's too much but we can not make compromises  if you don't want to compromise also the health of your new kitten.

We will spare no expense on their health and food, we offer them the best on the market since the moment they are conceived. We invest in test, health check to grant you that our breeding cats are healthy. We keep studying and pay for seminaries and webinaries to be always updated on the latest discoveries and protocols. We spend  a lot of time to keep their environment rich and clean and to grant cuddles and attentions to each one of our cats and kittens.

If you like what we do and how we do that, do not insult us asking for a cheaper price.
If you are not willing to sacrifice to buy one of our cats, you will probably be cheap also with its food and care so you are not a suitable family for one of our cats.

Would you ever ask a car dealer to sell you a Bentley for a cheaper price cause you can't afford it? I don't think so, then don't ask us either.

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